Activist College Bulletin Board Postering – FALL 2011

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Activist College Bulletin Board Postering – FALL 2011


Alabama – 500

Arizona – 600

California – 2,000

Colorado – 750

Delaware- 250

District of Columbia – 500

Florida – 1,000

Georgia – 1,000

Illinois – 750

Maryland – 750

Massachusetts – 750

Michigan – 750

Mississippi – 400

New Hampshire – 350

New Jersey – 650

New Mexico – 350

New York (outside NYC & Long Island) – 1,500

North Carolina – 500

Ohio – 1,000

Pennsylvania – 1,500

Rhode Island – 300

Tennessee – 750

Texas – 1,000

Vermont – 350

Virginia – 1,000

Washington – 750

The postering for this first round will us 20,000 posters. If successful, it will be followed by a full national campaign in the Spring 2012 Semester of 50,000 posters.

It will cost $1 per poster for distribution plus printing/shipping. We need to raise a total of less than $25,000.00 for the first effort and around $60,000.00 for the Spring 2012 effort.

Sponsors can help pay for the effort in their states only or be fully national. They will all get hotlink buttons to their respective websites on the Activist landing page for each semester they sponsor. Additionally, they will get the data collected for those students who indicate an interest in the issues in which they are involved for every geographic area they sponsor.

By acting in conjunction with other progressive, issue, labor or reform organizations to share costs, it should be very inexpensive to sponsor efforts in selected states. This should be very helpful for state-based organizations with limited budgets.

Depending on how much money that can be raised, we may only post posters to drive traffic to Activist in certain states on the proposed list.

National organizations that are major sponsors and help pay for printing can have their logos added to the posters and have a say in the poster copy/artwork.

It is our intention to use an 8 ½ “ by 11” color poster with perforated tear-off tabs. The tabs will have the website address on them and effectively act as poster multipliers since the first interested students will not remove the posters to get the contact information (at least until all the tabs are removed.)

We will be targeting all 2 year and 4 year college and university in the selected states that we can reach with the poster quantities assigned.

Please contact Stephen Crockett at [email protected] or 443-907-2367 to work out details.

Details for the Spring 2012 postering campaign can be provided to seriously interested parties.

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