WISCONSIN WAVE OF RESISTANCE to announce next steps in anti-austerity movement

February 20th, 2011
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WISCONSIN WAVE OF RESISTANCE to announce next steps in anti-austerity movement

MADISON - At this Monday’s 10am media conference in room 125W of Wisconsin’s capitol, union presidents together with student, business, and community leaders will announce their plans to work together in the new Wisconsin Wave of resistance to austerity and corporatization. Confirmed speakers includee:

Joe Conway, IAFF, President, Fire Fighters Local 311
Kabzuag Vaj, Executive Director, Freedom, Inc.

Beth Huang, Student Labor Action Coalition

Lee Abott, President, Milwaukee Graduate Assistants Association

Lisa Graves, Executive Director, Center for Media and Democracy

Ben Manski, Executive Director, Liberty Tree Foundation

John Matthews, Executive Director, Madison Teachers, Inc. (MTI)

The Wisconsin Wave’s next protests come this Wednesday against Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) at the corporate lobby group’s statewide conference in Madison.

“The Wisconsin Wave is a non-partisan democracy movement initiated by over 100 Wisconsin leaders, with hundreds more signing on every day,” says Ben Manski, Executive Director of Liberty Tree and coordinator of the Wave. “We are moving forward together to overcome the agenda of Walker and his extraction industry backers, and to create for Wisconsin the positive economic and political future all of us deserve.”

A formal call for the Wisconsin Wave has been initiated by over 100 signators. That list, as well as the call, is on the website - http://wisconsinwave.org/

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