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May 23, 2002:

September 11th and Impeachment

It is both absurd and disgraceful for Republicans to accuse Democrats of exploiting the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Republicans have been engaged in a systematic campaign to PROFIT from the misery of the victims both financially and politically for the past 8 months.

Republicans engaged in political activities before September 11th that directly contributed to the success of the terrorist attacks. Additionally, the Bush Administration demonstrated severe incompetence that contributed to the tragedy. Finally, the Bush Administration and their Republican allies seem to be engaged in a massive cover-up and political spin campaign, today. The American people and the victim’s families deserve better!

The man we really elected President, Al Gore, would have prevented the attacks of September 11th if not for the political games played by Republicans in the House and Senate during the Clinton Administration. As Vice President, Gore chaired an Airline Security Taskforce that examined these issues. The Gore taskforce made specific recommendations to improve airline security, which would have prevented the attacks. Republicans in the House and Senate along with the airline industry blocked the improvements. Republicans and their Big Business allies claimed the measures were too expensive and that the terrorist threat was not a serious issue. Republicans put the financial interests of Big Business ahead of American’s national security! Details on Gore’s Airline Security Taskforce can be found at

Selling the 9-11 photos to raise money for the Republican National Committee is disgraceful and sickening! All money raised from these sales (and from Enron) should go to the victims. These funds should not be used to promote the Big Business political agenda of the Bush Republicans.

Despite all the political spin of the Republicans, Americans will eventually hold Bush responsible for the incompetence of his Administration that definitely contributed to the success of the attacks. Clues and Executive Branch failures to act on these clues were everywhere. A great deal of the details of who knew what and when are available at

We as a nation cannot let the Bush Administration hide the truth from the public. We need public hearings in the U.S. Senate and House into every aspect of foreign policy and national security that may have contributed to the attacks in any way. We do not need a “white wash” of our failures. The cover-up and spin campaigns of the Bush Administration and the Republican Party will weaken our national security and leave us un-prepared for future attacks.

We need to change our national leadership. We need to replace those responsible for the failure of our government in not preventing the attacks. Our national political leadership failed and no Republican political can conceal this fact. Bush and Cheney are ultimately responsible for all failures of the Executive Branch. They should not be permitted to retain office after a failure of this magnitude. The situation is just too dangerous to continue with such incompetent leadership. They should be impeached and removed from office.

           Steve & Al
           Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence
        May 23, 2002

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