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Press Release
May 13, 2002
Contact: Stephen Crockett at 931-438-1500

Democratic Talk Radio has announced a series of recent expansion developments. Democratic Talk Radio was launched December 12, 2000 by Lincoln County businessman, Stephen Crockett and radio personality Al Lawrence. They host the weekly talk radio program.

The duo credit the Supreme Court's "Bush vs. Gore" ruling and the Right Wing/Big Business dominance of talk radio for pushing them into starting Democratic Talk Radio. The program airs locally on WEKR 1240 AM on Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm.

Crockett stated, "the website has given us a national presence that has started producing results." National exposure has led to big things in 2002 for Democratic Talk Radio.

The radio program was featured in a newspaper story by the Huntsville Times (Alabama) and covered by the Internet news service at the beginning of 2002. "We recently had a chance to speak on the telephone with the Chairman of the national Democratic Party about policy and politics", said Stephen Crockett. "Meeting Al Gore in Nashville and shaking the hand of the real President was the highpoint of 2002 for me", said Al Lawrence.

Democratic Talk Radio was recently added to the line-up at Jacksonville, Alabama's powerful 50,000 watts AM station, WNSI. The duo has confirmed that they are in the early stages of exploring several national syndication deals. "Democratic Talk Radio, hosted by Al Lawrence and Stephen Crockett will be available in cities all over America within a year", predicted Crockett.

Al Lawrence cited interviews with radio personalities Mike Malloy (nationally syndicated), Meria Heller (internet radio) and Martha Zoller (Georgia)- and frequent attacks from Right Wing (nationally syndicated) radio personality Neal Boortz over their first 18 months of existence as early examples of their national impact.

Crockett noted, "Our contacts within the national Democratic Party are now extensive. We are in contact with Democratic organizations in all 50 states." The website has exchanged links Democratic websites all over the nation. Google ranks the site at number 25 out of nearly 3 million hits if you search the word Democratic. "This says volumes about the internet impact of Democratic Talk Radio", stated Crockett. Lawrence added, "Our weekly newspaper column, Democratic Voices, appears on several websites along with over a dozen newspapers. Democratic Voices can be read on our website".

Crockett and Lawrence will be interviewing both Florida talk radio personality, Randi Rhodes, and Utah talk radio personality, Joe Jackson, this month. They will be guests on those shows as well. Meria Heller will have them as guests on her May 15th show.

Al Lawrence is currently the Program Director/Morning DJ at WEKR. Stephen Crockett is President/Owner of Both can be reached by e-mail from their website:

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