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Letter to the Editor

Stephen Crockett
7A Planville Dr.
Fayetteville, TN 37334

December 3, 2001

Dear Editor,

We need National Health Insurance for our National Self-Defense. The recent spate of Anthrax attacks have clearly demonstrated our weakness to biological attack.

There is no better defense to biological attack than early detection and treatment. With the number of uninsured Americans expected to rise from 43 million to 60 million during this recession, many citizens cannot afford to see a physician or buy medicine.

This huge number of uninsured Americans demonstrates a grave national weakness in dealing with biological attack. This weakness is not shared by other industrial nations.

Almost every developed nation has National Health Insurance except America. Both President and Senator Clinton tried to correct this weakness. Their efforts were defeated by Republicans in Congress. We are weaker as a nation as a result of Republican politicians serving the HMO's instead of the American people.

We cannot get early detection and treatment for biological attack if our citizens do not ALL have the financial means to pay for these services. It is time for the Republicans to put public good before private business interests and support Democratic efforts to provide National Health Insurance. Having so many uninsured puts all Americans at risk. It is time to protect America from biological attack.

Stephen Crockett, co-host

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