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Fayetteville, TN 37334

January 30, 2001

To the Editor:

Tennesseans should be delighted that Al Gore is coming home to help educate our students at Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University. It has also been mentioned that Gore will be lecturing widely at our community colleges.

While Al Gore is educating our students, it is our firm desire that he will take some time to educate the general public about the real nature and history of the Democratic Party. We believe that Gore will change the political culture of Tennessee by coming home to teach.

Democrats in Tennessee have been beaten down and have been subject to undeserved ridicule by the Republican propaganda machine. Slick slogans, tons of special interest money and massive negative advertising has been able to overwhelm the Democratic message in recent elections. Tennesseeans have never clearly been presented with the real, undistorted Democratic message.

Here is just a little part of the total Democratic message. While we are moderates in our policy positions, we are militants when it comes to caring about the little guy. We are not totally dominated by the wealthiest 1% of Americans. We are not in the pockets of Big Oil- or any other part of the Energy Cartel that is threatening to ruin the health of the American economy. We are willing to use your federal government to protect you as a consumer against price-fixing or price gouging. We support completely a strong military and are strongly devoted to our beloved soldiers. We want to take the burden of the national debt off the shoulders of you, your children, and your grandchildren as quickly as possible.

We want tax cuts that will really concentrate the help on those who have not seen big increases in after tax cut incomes during the Clinton boom. (The top 1% more than doubled there after tax incomes under Clinton. The middle class had tiny gains while the working poor had decreases.) We want tax cuts where it will most stimulate the economy.

Al Gore please lead us Tennessee Democrats. We need your vision and leadership. It is our firm hopes that you will try to visit local newspaper offices and television stations to explain the Democratic message. We hope you will contact local organizations and local radio stations. With your guidance, the “little man” Democrats of Tennessee will completely improve and reform the political culture of Tennessee.

Stephen Crockett
Al Lawrence
Co-hosts: “Current Affair” News Talk Program
WEKR 1240 am radio
(931) 433-3545

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