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January 19th, 2006

Al Gore: American Hero Speech Defending Constitutional Government

Al Gore demonstrated that he is a real American hero by going out to the front in our war with Bush Republicanism to preserve the Constitutional government created by our Founding Fathers. We can only hope that Al Gore will consider another run for President. The American nation has spent over 5 years with a man occupying the Oval Office who seems bent on wrecking our Constitutional form of government.

Grassroots Democratic activists all over the nation cheered loudly at Gore’s spirited defense of the rule of law in America. Gore showed that he has real passion when it comes to defending the work of our Founding Fathers. If Al Gore had spoken like he did that night during the 2000 Presidential Elections, millions of more Americans would have supported him in his race against George W. Bush.

The substance of Gore’s speech was much more important than the style. He correctly called Bush a “repeated and persistent law breaker.” Gore called for a Special Prosecutor independent of White House control to investigate the illegal wiretapping of American citizens without court authorization.

He correctly stated Bush was deliberating violating specific federal laws preventing such illegal wiretapping by the White House. Gore pointed out that Bush had a pattern of ignoring laws when Bush found them inconvenient or limiting to the exercise of power by the White House. Gore emphasized that our Founding Fathers designed the American Constitution and our Constitutional government specifically to limit the runaway exercise of power by the Office of the President.

The full text of Gore’s speech and Gore’s response to attacks on the speech by the Bush White House can be found on the Democratic Talk Radio Blog. All Americans should read this historically important speech and judge the merits of his remarks for themselves.

It remains to be scene if elected Democratic leaders in the House and Senate will vigorously support Al Gore by calling for an independent Special Prosecutor. Every Democratic Governor and every Democratic candidate for every public office owes it to our Constitutional government and our Founding Fathers to publicly support Al Gore on this issue.

No Democratic Presidential candidate should be considered by the voters in any future bid for the White House if they fail to support Al Gore’s defense of Constitutional government against the abuses of the Bush White House. Meek statements should not be considered acceptable substitutes for the strong measures needed during this Constitutional crisis.

The spirit of Gore’s speech should be demonstrated in every action of our national Democratic leadership. We should go a few steps farther down the path blazed by Al Gore.

We should demand impeachment hearing for Bush and Cheney. The most recent Zogby poll showed 52 percent of Americans support impeachment hearing for Bush and Cheney if they were found to have wiretapped American citizens without court authorization. They have already admitted they did wiretap Americans without court authorization. The public is already ahead of our elected Democrats on this important controversy.

Senate Democrats should filibuster the Alito nomination to the Supreme Court. Alito is a major risk to Constitutional government. A lifetime appointment to the highest court in the nation is not something where the benefit of the doubt should go to such a partisan nominee with such extreme views on the Constitution.

Senators Biden and Feinstein should change their opinion on filibustering Alito. Senator Nelson should be publicly condemned by every Democratic group or organization in Nebraska or nationally unless he withdraws his support for Alito. Senator Nelson has made a huge mistake and will not deserve support from any Democrats if he endangers our Constitutional government by supporting the Alito nomination.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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