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June 2nd, 2005

Serving Corporations As Treason

What is the essence of America? How does one describe the typical American? Americans come in many forms. America is much more than a specific geographic area. We were still America and American when the nation had only 13 states stretching along the Eastern seaboard. We are many races. We hold many different political views. We engage in many types of economic activities to earn a living. We have many religions. We come from ancestors arriving from all over the world. We are rural, suburban and urban dwellers. America and American are bonded together by a set of ideas that I call the great American experiment.

The basic ideas of the great American experiment come from our Founding Fathers. They have been added to by the Jacksonian expansion of American Democracy, by the end of slavery, by granting women the right to vote, by the New Deal and by the civil rights movement. Collectively, these ideas are America and define being American. America is a nation ruled by the people of America with a government organized to serve the needs of those citizens. Anything that serves to further that goal is good and patriotic. Anything that seriously threatens that goal is potentially treasonous.

American law recognizes corporations as being citizens in many ways. Our Founding Fathers would have been appalled at this legal status for corporations. Essentially, corporations are merely collections of money organized with the sole purpose of making more money. They are entities that are almost always un-democratic in structure and increasingly international in character. They are seldom patriotic. Good patriotic corporations would not be sending the economic strength of our nation aboard and destroying our manufacturing base just to increase short-term profits!

Huge international corporations are increasingly dominating our politics and government. They largely control our media. This corporate media control is the result of changes in law and government regulation resulting from corporate political influence. It is time to reverse these political decisions and break-up media concentrations by government action. Media concentration gives corporations excessive control of America politics and threatens or American Democracy!

Excessive corporate political power has created changes in law and government that favor an ever-growing concentration of wealth into fewer and fewer hands. Often these hands are not even those of American citizens. Foreign wealth has gained a foothold in American politics by using large international corporations to influence our politics. This influence is not good for the American nation. It threatens our standard of living, our economic health and our long-term national security.

The Republican Party in this writer’s opinion is more than 95% under large corporate control. The Bush Republicans seem little more than Corporate Power in American politics. Every aspect of their agenda seems blatantly designed to promote corporate interests over those of the average citizen. The Democratic Party seems to be about 50% under corporate control. Democrats are battling for control of their Party with the outcome uncertain. Democrats are fighting for the political soul of their Party. The Republicans have already lost that battle.

Republicans wishing to curb runaway Corporate Power in American politics should become Democrats and help win the battle. In our current Two Party System, we need at least one Party to fight for the interests of American citizens over those of international Big Money. Our only chance is the Democratic Party.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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