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November 25th, 2005

Not A Penny More

The Republican Party under the leadership of Bush, Cheney, Frist, Delay and crew has pushed the tax burden from the wealthiest of Americans and large corporations onto the middle class. They have combined this financial assault on the middle class with huge cuts in government services for the middle class and the poor.

In order to pay for the huge tax cuts to the wealthiest of the wealthy, our nation has developed a growing, severe government debt problem. Combined with irresponsible government spending on a senseless war in Iraq and an reckless, ineffective expenditures on homeland security, the Bush Republican tax cuts for the Super Wealthy has finally produced a rebellion from both fiscal conservatives and the general public.

Rumors are being floated that some Republicans close to the Bush White House would like to eliminate the interest deduction on home mortgages from federal income tax laws. This measure would fall harshly on struggling middle class homeowners. It would badly undermine the real estate, construction and banking industries. It is not a reasonable response to the public debt crisis created by Bush Republican policies.

The middle class and the poor have made enough financial sacrifices in order to enrich the rich. These Americans should not provide one penny more as citizens, taxpayers and voters to the misguided policies of the Bush Republican elite.

Republicans in Congress and the Senate will likely be defeated in the next election unless these misguided Bush Republican priorities are quickly and completely abandoned. They are facing a taxpayer revolt that could return them to a permanent, small minority political Party.

The Wall Street interests that finance and control the Bush Republican political machine has pushed average Americans to the wall financially. Price-gouging, out-sourcing and exporting American jobs by large corporations are serious threats to middle class America. Government policy under the Bush Administration serves these same Wall Street policies and threatens middle class America equally.

The nation stands at the threshold of a dramatic choice between different views of our future. We will become a nation of a few very wealthy ruling over a huge majority of working poor if we follow the Bush Republican path. Our other choice is to remain a predominantly middle class nation dominated by middle class values like our Founding Fathers envisioned.

It is the firm belief of this writer that American citizens will side with our Founding Fathers. American Democracy is at stake along with the American Dream.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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