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August 19th, 2005

Finally Americans Get It!

Democratic Talk Radio has long stated that our best allies in fighting the Bush Republicans were the policies and actions of the Bush Republicans. The Bush Republicans (also known as Corporate America and/or Big Oil) have ruled our federal government for the past 5 years almost completely unchecked. The control both branches of Congress, the White House along with the entire executive branch and the vast majority of federal courts including the Supreme Court. What the Bush Republicans wanted badly they got! For the vast majority of Americans, the result of unchecked Republican rule has been nearly a disaster.

Big Oil has raped the American consumer with the full support of the Bush Republican political machine. Quarter after financial quarter the obscene profits of Big Oil set ever growing records while the Bush Republicans make excuses for the price-gouging. The Bush Republicans are giving Big Oil tax breaks although Big Oil is raking in billions in excessive profits. Campaign donations are flowing from Big Oil into Republican campaign coffers but consumers (read voters) are getting extremely angry.

Essentially, the same story has been repeated in prescription drugs and HMO’s. Bill Frist has effectively blocked any real healthcare reforms in the Senate as leader of the Senate Republicans. Frist obtained his personal wealth along with his family by their control of one of America’s largest HMO. In Tennessee, many informed residents call Frist “Senator HMO.” Bush seems to get his healthcare signals from Frist. Frist is as closely tied to Big Drugs and Big “For-Profit” Medicine as the Bush White House is to Big Oil.

The healthcare policies of the Bush Republicans are killing Americans! Denying universal healthcare to tens of millions of Americans should be considered criminal. America is the only advanced industrialized nation in the world to treat their citizens so badly concerning healthcare. The price-gouging of the big drug companies are common knowledge. The vast majority of Americans want universal healthcare guaranteed by our government even if it means slightly higher taxes for those who can afford to pay them.

The tax policies of the Bush Republicans have benefited almost exclusively the richest of the rich. The Bush Republican push to privatize (read Social Security piratization) the Social Security program is nothing more than a blatant attempt to plunder the Social Security tax fund on behalf of Wall Street. The wealthiest Americans do not pay their fair share of Social Security taxes but the Republican Party want the wealthiest Americans to control and profit excessively from the program. The budget policies of the Bush Administration is already hurting Social Security recipients badly because of the inflation created by Bush’s huge government deficits. The government deficits are almost entirely the result of Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest of the wealthy and by his Iraq War.

The Iraq War being conducted by Bush and backed by the Republicans in Congress is just bad policy. We are gaining almost nothing. The costs in taxpayer money, government debt, the blood of our brave soldiers, rising numbers of terrorists being created and trained, collapsing respect for America around the world, the blood of innocent Iraqi civilians, etc. is so huge that it is simply hard to grasp. It is time to start withdrawing. Americans do not want this war. Americans do not believe in this war. The Bush Republicans sold the American people a false bill of goods and lied to us to get us into a badly conceived (and poorly executed at the political level) Iraq War.

The Pensito Review has documented how badly the public support for the Bush Agenda has fallen in the recent article Poll: Buyers’ Remorse - 19 out 31 Red States Flip to Blue. All the major political polls are showing a serious collapse in support for Bush based on policies and the results of policies.

Republicans facing voters in 2006 are deeply worried. Public relations campaigns are not enough to deal with the fall-out from the reality of failed policies. The entire political agenda of Bush Republicanism is a disaster for most Americans. Reality has hit these voters in the face and they get it! Look for serious political changes and challenges in both Parties over the next decade as voters demand the return of their nation and government from the hands of large international corporations.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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