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November 8, 2004

The Fight Goes On... We have no choice!

If we can change the mind of one in a hundred voters over the next four years, we can win in 2008. They did not win in a blow-out! It feels bad. It is bad. However, we only need to learn a few lessons to win next time. We need better target marketing and more variety of marketing mechanisms. We need some more universally appealing themes. I have some specific ideas on the marketing techniques but think it would be wise to not share them with the world (which includes Republicans) at this point.

On the message issue, I advocate a mix of class warfare with economic nationalism. We need to define our policies as supporting the middle class, the somewhat affluent and the poor against the super wealthy. I advocate creating a higher tax rate for incomes over $1 million annually and middle class income tax breaks.

I believe we should eliminate the ceiling on payroll taxes and make everyone pay on all their income but at a lower rate than currently. The super wealthy should pay the same percentage on their total incomes as all Americans!

We need to oppose economic globalization policies that are not in the interest of middle class Americans. Outsourced jobs should mean no access to the American market for that company and group of companies if that applies. Free trade with third world countries that lower the general standard of living for American workers should cease. Immigration rates should be tied to unemployment rates. We should stop accepting the idea that globalization is the result of market forces. Globalization is more the result of policy decisions as market forces. We need to tie the Bush Republicans to globalization

We should say that they are being un-patriotic in not protecting American jobs and the American standard of living. We should say they support global money more than they support American values! We should state that it is immoral to vote in the interest of the large international corporations instead of America's poor and working people.

We should drive home the point that Republican health care policies put American companies at a big disadvantage in competing with foreign companies and outsourcing in the marketplace. Republican policies put the health care cost on individual American companies instead of the government. All our foreign trading partners have the government pick up the cost of health care.

We should point out that the Republicans are stating their policy CHOICES in favor of international corporations are inevitable. We should respond that globalization is only inevitable if you vote in Republicans that make it so with their policy choices.

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Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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