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February 4, 2004

2004- The Year of Republican Disgrace?

It is looking like 2004 may become known as the year of Republican disgrace. In a little over a month, we have seen a flood of information leaking out about Republican failures, dirty tricks , insider dealings and attempted cover-ups. The Corporate Media has given some of the issues a little exposure but others have badly under-reported.

The most widely reported Republican disgrace is the fact that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq as claimed by the Bush-Cheney Administration. This Republican Administration used the issue to take the nation into an Oil War and used the “war fever” they created to gain Republican control of the US Senate. Great patriots were smeared in Georgia and elsewhere during the 2002 elections using false or misleading information.

The Bush White House is now trying to control the investigation into their own failures on the Iraq issue. They are trying to limit the investigation into the issue to failures in the intelligence community. The investigation needs to look closely into the political failures in using or misusing the intelligence data. The failures were in the White House. They seem to point directly at Bush and Cheney. It is a scandal that Bush is trying to control the investigation. The Republican controlled Senate and House are equaled compromised. An independent commission is called for with members selected by both political Parties.

The Bush Administration and Congress are trying to cripple the 9-11 investigation by limiting the time they can serve and the scope of that investigation. It looks likely that this slowly developing investigation will conclude that the Bush Administration seriously dropped the ball on homeland security and terrorism before the 9-11 attacks. The attacks could have been prevented by the Bush Administration under a more competent leader.

Senate Republican operatives have seemingly been spying illegally on the computers of Senate Democrats involved in the appointment of federal judges. This issue is more serious than Watergate. The appointment of federal judges is an issue that should not be surrounded by illegal political activity. Some media reports seem to implicate the office of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s office in the matter. Neither the Republican Senate, the Republican White House nor John Ashcroft can be depended on the provide a non-partisan investigation.

A certain powerful Republican Congressman has announced his resignation because he taking a job as a lobbyist for the drug companies. He was instrumental in recent legislation opening the federal treasury to these very same drug companies in the prescription drug/Medicare plan pushed by the Bush Republicans. This law stopped Americans from buying cheaper prescription drugs in Canada. The lobbyist job negotiations were held while this Congressman was still in office. He will make millions. The drug companies will gain billions from our tax dollars. Consumers will lose billions.

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