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June 9, 2003

Drafting Al Gore

The movement to Draft Al Gore for President has begun to gain national attention. A national grassroots movement has developed among Democratic activists from all over the nation. The national media and the national leadership of the Democratic Party have largely been unaware of the movement. This situation should change in a major way on Saturday, June 14th.

A national Draft Gore rally will be held at the Bicentennial Capital Mall State Park in Nashville, Tennessee. These writers will be among the speakers endorsing a Gore candidacy. Details can be obtained at

While the national media has retained the anti-Gore bias clearly demonstrated in the 2000 Presidential Election and Florida Recount, a movement to draft Al Gore cannot be dismissed or ignored. A Time/CNN poll released on May 23rd shows Gore to be the favorite among the potential Democratic candidates. Gore received 40 percent support while Kerry, Lieberman, and Gephardt tied at a mere 7 percent each with 32 percent undecided among Democratic voters.

In New Hampshire, Gore leads Kerry and Dean by 8 percent and 9 percent respectively despite the fact that Kerry and Dean are from neighboring states according to the American Research Group. The poll covered likely primary voters.

In the latest Zogby poll the weekend before the Iraq Invasion, Gore polled 42 percent in a potential race against Bush who polled 51 percent. No other national Democrat including Senator Clinton polled as well in a general election or among Democratic voters. Among Democrats, Gore polled 74 percent while Clinton and Gephardt polled 70 percent each with Kerry polling a close 65 percent. These numbers are stunning when one considers that Gore has stated he does not want to run.

We believe Gore can be persuaded. Gore has sacrificed his own needs and desires to those of the American nation all his life. While all the Democratic Presidential hopefuls are superior to Resident Bush, Gore is our best chance to take our government back from Corporate America.

Stephen Crockett
Al Lawrence
Co-hosts: “Current Affair” News Talk Program
WEKR 1240 am radio
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