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June 20, 2003

Cracking the Corporate Media

Democrats having been largely locked out of ownership and decision-making in the cable news networks, talk radio and most newspaper chains for a generation. In a democracy, this cannot be a healthy situation. Corporate America has largely set the political agenda for the nation by utilizing their near complete control of both the Republican Party and large media during this time. The results can be seen in the loss of government services, the loss of individual legal rights, environmental damage, less consumer protection, lower taxes on Big Business, a shifting of the tax burden to the middle class, decreasing job security, lack of government regulatory actions at every level and a general decline in quality of life for most Americans. Life has just become more unfair in America for the little guy.

The GORE TV story this week has shown that Democrats are aware of the problem and are actively seeking a solution in the marketplace. The business results will influence the marketplace for ideas as well! An alternative cable news operation has been floated as an idea by Barbara Streisand since the disputed 2000 Presidential election. Democrats are outraged at the unfair and biased media coverage received by Al Gore. The clear pass given every scandal involving George W. Bush since the 9-11 Attacks by the media have given new energy to Democratic efforts to balance media coverage. Gore has been active in talk radio along with cable news.

Talk radio looks likely to be the first media combat arena where Democrats may neutralize much of the Republican advantage in 2004. Already we have many local Democratic-leaning shows that started since the 2000 election. Nationally syndication networks like ieAmerica Radio Network carry hosts like Mike Malloy into major markets around the nation. Nationally known hosts like Nancy Skinner and Bernie Ward join hugely popular regional talents like Joe Jackson (Utah), Randi Rhodes (Florida), Andy Johnson (Florida) and Internet talents like Meria Heller in a growing movement. Of course, these writers are part of that movement. Visit our website at to learn more.

This column written by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of Democratic Talk Radio). Confirmation of copy: call 931-438-1500 or write Democratic Talk Radio, 7A Planville Drive, Fayetteville, TN 37334.

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