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December 20, 2003

Bush Rates an “F” on Security Issues

It is now official that the Bush Administration dropped the ball and permitted the 9-11 terrorist attacks to happen. The former New Jersey Republican Governor Thomas Kean who currently chairs the official 9-11 Commission announced that the federal government could have prevented the attacks if they had acted on the vast array of information in their possession. The Bush Administration was distracted by the pursuit of tax cuts for the wealthy and other political issues before 9-11. Terrorism was not a high priority for the Bush Administration before the 9-11 attacks.

The Bush Republicans have been actively trying to brand Democratic critics as “Conspiracy Theorists” whenever they sought to explore this avenue of investigation. Whenever any criticism or revelations of Republican misdeeds are discussed in public, the Bush Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Corporate Media start chanting “Conspiracy Theorist.” The tactic is a way of psychologically reducing the political impact of failures and misdeeds by undermining the reputation of the information source. It is a politically useful but intellectually dishonest Republican tactic.

The Republicans cripple the efficient and honest functioning of our democratic processes by resorting to this “Conspiracy Theorist” tactic. The tactic was used by the Bush Administration to curtail public investigations into their failures leading up to the 9-11 attacks. The tactic was widely used to win the 2002 Congressional elections. The tactic is still being used to cover-up the actions of the Bush Administration in pushing the nation towards the invasion of Iraq without UN support.

The “African uranium buying by Iraq” line pushed by the Bush Administration was eventually revealed as Administration lies. However, this fact was initially called a “Conspiracy Theory.” The revealing of the identity of a CIA agent’s identity by someone in the Bush Administration looks like a real conspiracy but no Republicans are calling this illegal act a “conspiracy.” Suggestions of a conspiracy are met with chants of “Conspiracy Theorist” instead of real meaningful action. It has recently been reported that some Bush Administration personnel falsely claimed in secret testimony to the U.S. Senate that Saddam Hussein had drones equipped to launch Anthrax attacks against the East Coast of the United States in order to con them into giving Bush the power to launch an aggressive war. It was another politically motivated lie.

No Americans were dying from Iraqi terrorist attacks before Bush invaded Iraq. Saddam Hussein played no role in the 9-11 terrorist attacks according to none other that George W. Bush. The Iraq Invasion diverted resources from the real battle with Bin Laden’s forces. Iraq was not a real threat to America. Bush gets an “F” for failure on security.

Column written by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of Democratic Talk Radio which is nationally syndicated on the ieAmerica Radio Network). You can hear them via the Internet several days a week from 2-4pm Central at You are invited to visit the Democratic Talk Radio site at They can be reached by mail at: 7A Planville Drive, Fayetteville, TN 37334. Reach DTR by phone at 931-438-1500 or 443-421-0287.

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