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December 13, 2003

Media Anti-Gore Bias Continues

The Corporate Media continues with the anti-Gore bias that was so clearly evident in the 2000 Presidential Election and Florida Recount. President Gore (the one we actually elected) endorsed Governor Howard Dean in the 2004 Democratic Primary elections for reasons he made clear in the announcement speech.

Gore cited Dean’s early and strong opposition to invading Iraq without the United Nations along with Dean’s success in rallying grassroots support among the Democratic rank and file. Gore applauded Governor Dean for energizing new voters and bringing them into the Democratic Party. Al Gore noted Dean’s record in balancing his state budget, providing health care to all Vermont citizens and his unique ability to connect with average, working Americans.

Our Corporate Media demonstrated their pro-Republican bias in reporting on the Gore endorsement. They completely ignored the serious content of President Gore’s endorsement speech. The opposition to the Iraq Invasion was barely mentioned in news reports or commentary. The respect Gore demonstrated for Democratic grassroots opinion was completely ignored. The ability of Dr. Dean to bring more American citizens into the process was largely ignored.

The rise of Howard Dean comes from his ability to merge moral outrage and reformist tendencies by liberals, moderates and non-Corporate conservatives into a unique winning coalition. Frightened Republicans have tried mightily to pin simplistic, shallow labels on Howard Dean. They want to run against a fictional idea of Dean instead of the real Howard Dean. This tactic was employed by Republicans and the Corporate Media against Al Gore in 2000. They are trying to con us again!

The American people deserve less biased news coverage. We do not need the Corporate Media trying to create divisions in the Democratic Party. There is no battle between the Clintons and the Dean (or Gore) forces in the Democratic Party. This is nonsense and demonstrates a real lack of understanding of the internal workings of the Democratic Party. In 2004, the Democrats will be united like never before in history. The outrageous policies of Bush Republicanism have unified the Democratic opposition.

The anti-Gore spin holds that Gore insulted the other Democratic candidates and demonstrated “disloyalty” by endorsing Dean. This is both insulting and a stupid analysis. The suggestion that Gore should have consulted the other candidates is silly and elitist. Political endorsements work best when not leaked in advance. Any informed reporter or campaign manager knows that endorsements are never cleared with the opposing campaigns. The Corporate Media clearly demonstrates their anti-Gore bias by spinning the Dean endorsement into a personal issue when it was a policy-based.

Column written by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of Democratic Talk Radio which is nationally syndicated on the ieAmerica Radio Network). You can hear them via the Internet several days a week from 2-4pm Central at You are invited to visit the Democratic Talk Radio site at They can be reached by mail at: 7A Planville Drive, Fayetteville, TN 37334. Reach DTR by phone at 931-438-1500 or 443-421-0287.

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