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January 10th, 2008

Exciting Talk Radio News From 2008 Frontline

Amazingly, we are going to have a 24 hour progressive/Democratic/labor friendly radio station on the air in Jacksonville, Florida for the rest of 2008! It will be run by a great Democratic talk show host and my friend Andy Johnson.

For those of you who followed the 2000 Florida Election mess, Jacksonville was key! Republicans pulled every dirty trick in the book there and invented some new ones. With a fair, honest vote in Jacksonville, our entire nation would have been spared the Bush-Cheney disaster of the past 8 years.

I urge everyone to listen by streaming the station on the Internet.

Buy ads if you can and urge others to do so. If you have a website, you might want to buy a 30 second ad for $25 to promote it. If you belong to a union, please consider asking your union at every level to buy some ads..... especially issue ads promoting fair trade, the Employee Free Choice Act, healthcare reform, higher minimum wages and general union ideas like "Unions- the folks who brought you the weekend" or "unionize to preserve the American middle class." All Democratic clubs and progressive organizations everywhere can help Democrats carry Florida by financially supporting the station and get national exposure for their club in the process.

Here is the press release I received from Andy:

"Andy Johnson, former member of the Florida House, has now taken over AM 1460 WZNZ in Jacksonville, turning it into the only progressive talk station in North Florida, starting up on Monday, January 14. People in North Florida can tune in at AM 1460. People anywhere can tune in on the station's website which is rapidly being tweaked and improved. Johnson will feature Ed Schultz, noon-3, the most famous antidote to Rush in America, and then Johnson's own show, Down to Business Andy Johnson, 3-6 p.m. Throughout the day Johnson will load up 1460 with more hours of live local talk than any other station in North Florida. It is important for progressives to show support for people willing to take the risk of offering Progressive Talk."


Stephen Crockett

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