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April 12th, 2007

Surge In Iraq (With Republicans)

The nation is deeply divided along Party lines over Bush’s Iraq War policy. Republicans seem to largely support Bush and Cheney on the issue. Independents, third Party supporters and Democrats are overwhelmingly opposed.

My suggestion is that only Republicans should fight in Iraq and only Republicans should pay the financial costs of Bush’s mistakes in Iraq. Only elements of the Republican coalition have benefited from the conflict. The conflict does not benefit the American nation as a whole.

The large corporations who fund the Bush Republican political machine have benefited financially but not taxpayers. Republican politicians exploited the conflict politically in 2002 and 2004 elections. The Republican Spin Machine has exploited the Iraq War to trample on dissent and public policy debate. Republican goals from tax cuts for the Super Wealthy and large international corporations to curtailing the civil liberties have been advanced by exploiting Iraq and the mislabeled “War On Terror” (which Republicans try to tie to Iraq.)

Let those who benefit pay the cost. Since only the Republican minority benefits, it is only fair that they should be the only Americans who should pay the American costs in blood and money.

We should immediately draft every member of the College Republicans, every member of the Young Republicans and the children or grandchildren of Republican politicians. If these draft calls are not sufficient to man Bush’s troop surge, we could use voter registration rolls to draft registered Republicans under 50 years of age. Of course, we should be fair and draft both men and women.

I am eager to see the fighting spirit of the Bush girls put to use in Iraq. It seems completely unfair that the poor and middle class are doing almost all the actual fighting in a war that the Wealthy Republicans started and that only they still support as a group. My guess is that Republican support for Bush’s Iraq disaster would evaporate almost overnight. It is easy for Republicans to support wars that kill and maim mostly non-Republicans.

The Republicans cut taxes for the Super Wealthy and large corporations and shifted the tax burdens toward the working poor and middle classes during this conflict. This is a historic first in terms of American policy during wars. We traditionally use debt to fund wars after tax increases for the very wealthy and corporations to fund wars. The Bush Republicans are using debt instead of tax increases. There is zero shared sacrifice coming from the powerful and wealthy Republican leadership concerning Iraq.

We need a Republican and Corporate tax to fully fund the Iraq War. The taxes should be high enough to repay all costs incurred to date in Iraq and all future costs. Any debt incurred should be transferred to registered Republicans and large corporations. The own this war and should pay for it. The few Democrats or others who support Bush on Iraq should voluntarily enlist and pay this tax.

If these suggestions seem unfair and unreasonable, I should note that the entire Iraq War policy of the Bush Republicans is unfair and unreasonable. The unfair and unreasonable nature of the Republican approach to Iraq is the real point of this editorial.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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