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November 28th, 2007

Picking A Democratic Presidential "Winner" Candidate

Let me start this column with a personal admission, I like all the Democratic Presidential candidates. Frankly, every single Democratic contender is far superior to any of the announced Republican candidates. Picking a “winner” candidate for Democrats should include the ability to get elected in the general election, the ability to govern effectively and a proven commitment to the core values of the grassroots Democrats.

My personal belief is that former Senator John Edwards and Senator Joe Biden are the best choices. Both are extremely intelligent. They are both obviously sincere and strongly committed to Democratic values. In my personal opinion, Edwards and Biden can win in many of the red states against any of the potential Republican candidates.

Edwards and Biden have genuine roots in working class America. They were not born to wealth and power like George W. Bush. They understand hard work can lead to success with a little luck. Both candidates want to keep access to opportunity open so poor and middle class Americans can move ahead. They want all Americans to have a better lifestyle than their parents.

It is my belief that Biden and Edwards both would try to do something to curb the exploding federal deficit without curbing those essential government programs that actually help the majority of average citizens. I believe they would reverse the anti-working class, anti-middle class bias of the Bush Administration immediately. I believe they would curb excess corporate influence in those agencies of the federal government that should be regulating corporate excesses.

Biden and Edwards have long track records of being friendly to organized labor. The Employee Free Choice Act would certainly be signed into law under either candidate if they were elected. Senator Joe Biden has been a friend of American workers since he was first elected to the US Senate in 1972. He has a 35+ year proven record. Former Senator John Edwards has been actively walking union picket lines and speaking up aggressively on behalf of the labor agenda since leaving his US Senate seat to seek the Presidency.

Neither candidate is very good at spinning their records or positions to win votes. Both are just straight shooters who tell the truth. I find this refreshing after 7 years of Bush-Cheney lying and deception. With the Republican candidates, we are going to get more of the Bush-Cheney treatment. I am not sure the nation could survive another Presidential term of Bush-Cheney lies, deception and failed policies.

Edwards and Biden are not going to let the Republicans lie their way back into power without revealing the truth. Both men are certainly fearless! They would both be good fighters for truth, justice and fairness.

Both candidates have a very strong commitment to the rule of law, American traditions and the US Constitution. They would not permit the politicization of the Department of Justice to continue. They would not nominate radical Right Wing, partisan federal judges. They would preserve American civil liberties. They would restore respect for America around the world.

Biden and Edwards will not lie to the public. They are realistic leaders devoted to making government work for the little guy. They have not sold their souls to Wall Street or international corporations. They will not be controlled by lobbyists. I hope the 2008 Democratic Presidential ticket includes either Biden or Edwards or both. Any ticket that includes either or both would be a winner in the election. More importantly, it would be a winner in office!

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of and Editor of Mid-Atlantic
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