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November 19th, 2006

Retire The Worst Republican Members Of Congress

There are still some of the worst Republican members of Congress in power. Democrats and independents along with reform minded Republicans need to retire these bad politicians in the 2008 elections. The time to start is today.

These Republican Congresspersons are closely tied to large corporations and vote routinely against the interests of their constituents. Because they are really representing giant drug companies, Big Oil and international corporations, their Democratic challengers are heavily outspent. We have 2 years in which to raise money from other places in the nation to help even the playing field in these races.

Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee and Virginia Foxx of North Carolina are two truly nasty pieces of work politically. When the public started demanding government action over oil industry price-gouging, Blackburn and Foxx rallied with other oil money soaked Republican Right Wing members of Congress to block any legislative action. They crusaded against wind-fall profit taxes on the excessive profits of Big Oil.

Both Blackburn and Foxx are solidly in favor of outsourcing of good paying American jobs and our manufacturing base to third world countries. They care about corporate profits more than workers in their Districts or the national security of the American nation. Blackburn and Foxx do not seem to care that America is losing the manufacturing base required to protect our nation and way of life. They routinely have opposed good labor laws and higher minimum wages. They are anti-worker.

They are not friends of the environment. Pollution seems fine with these Congresswomen as long as the huge campaign contributions from polluters keep arriving. They are opposed to universal national healthcare since the “for profit” healthcare and drug companies are mailing huge checks. They strongly support anti-consumer legislation and draconian bankruptcy laws since the corporate campaign money keeps piling up. The bankruptcy laws they support favor giant corporations seeking bankruptcy protection over small businesses and consumers.

Blackburn and Foxx helped shift the federal tax burden from the wealthiest of the wealthy to middle-class and working class Americans. Both are among the members of Congress most responsible for the runaway national debt and federal budget deficits.

Blackburn and Foxx are strong supporters of Bush’s Iraq disaster. They are supportive of Bush’s attacks on our Constitutional rights and freedoms. There are no bigger enemies of real campaign finance reform or tighter ethics in Congress than Blackburn and Foxx!

In summary, Marsha Blackburn and Virginia Foxx must go. We cannot keep such awful politicians in power. I am urging the Tennessee Democratic Party, the North Carolina Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and allied organizations to target these two Districts. I urge labor unions, environmentalists, consumer rights groups, small business organizations, civil liberties advocates, veterans groups, reformers of all strips and average voters to work together to retire Blackburn and Foxx in 2008.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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