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Democratic Voices

November 10th, 2006


Democratic Talk Radio is a program started by Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence on the night that the Bush vs. Gore ruling was handed down in 2000. The program has broadcast from WEKR-am, WYTM-FM and nationally from the ieAmerica network at various time since 2001. Both co-hosts were residents of Fayetteville, Tennessee when the program started. Fayetteville is in Lincoln County and part of Al Gore's old Congressional District.

Democratic Talk Radio has a very active website and a blog at

In 2001, they started a column called Democratic Voices that is widely published on the Internet and in a few newspapers around the nation. Some of the websites that usually carry the columns are OpEd,, Magic City Morning Star (ME), Alachua Post (FL), East Bay Democrats (CA),the Wyoming Network family of community websites, the Peoples Voice, Bush, etc. Hundreds of other sites sometimes carry the columns. Stephen Crockett is the main author.

Stephen Crockett currently lives in Earleville, Maryland. He owns College Crockett is a long-time Democratic activist from Maryland and Tennessee. He is a member of the National Writers Union (UAW 1981.)

Al Lawrence currently lives in Fayetteville, Tennessee. He is Program Director for WEKR-AM radio. He has lived in Nevada and California. Lawrence is a former member of the Carpenters Union. Al Lawrence does most of the on-air radio interviews.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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