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March 24th, 2006

A Few Political Tidbits Not Covered by Corporate Press

Recently, there were many interesting stories that largely went uncovered by the mainstream Corporate Media. Here are a few examples that demonstrate the inadequate nature of relying on the Corporate Media as your main news source. We urge everyone to visit the many news sources on the Internet daily.

Excellent news sources include OpEd News, Buzzflash, Raw Story, Consortium News, Smirking Chimp, American Chronicle, Huffington Post, Brad Blog, Common Dreams, Truthout, etc. This list is certainly not complete. This writer recommends that you try exploring links on your favorite sites for new sources of news.

The Washington Post revealed a Right Wing bias much like their rival, The Washington Times. They did this by launching a blatantly Right Wing website called Red America while not balancing this Right Wing site with any “Blue” counterpart. Nothing could be more blatantly partisan. You can read the full story at Media Matters.

Scoop News in New Zealand published a story from the Atlanta Progressive News organization that informed readers that 30 members of Congress now support impeachment hearing for Bush. You can read the full story at Scoop. The Corporate Media extensively covered the failure of Senate democrats to endorse the Feingold measure censoring Bush but completely ignored this equally big story. A truly balanced news coverage would have given each story equal time.

Greg Palast wrote an amazing column for The Guardian in London called Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools: THE MISSION WAS INDEED ACCCOMPLISHED. Palast argues that the Iraq War was launched to prevent Iraqi oil from flooding the international market and keeping oil prices low. The column points to the dominate role Big Oil has in the Bush political machine. Palast discusses how the oil industry has been able to profit excessively from the huge increases in oil prices during Bush from tight supplies. This shocking column has been ignored in the Corporate Media. You can read the full story at

The growing scandal over electronic voting machine failures exploded in state after state. Voting machine failures created news from Texas to Maryland to Utah to Florida. The best place to start reading the many breaking stories is at Brad Blog. This column is simply not long enough to even begin to list the many daily breaking stories concerning the growing election voting scandal.

Maryland politicians from both major Parties are looking to scuttle the Diebold machines. A Texas primary recount was halted by court order when the voting machines were not counting properly for the recounts. Errors were reported up to 20 percent. Voting machine tests should serious errors and security weaknesses in tests in Utah and Florida. The Bush Administration and allies in Congress are pushing to make these failed voting machines the standard by the Fall elections. Growing numbers of voting rights activists are seeking emergency action to guarantee verified paper trails to prevent election fraud and other snafus this year. The Corporate Media has not given the issue significant coverage. Many citizens are unaware their votes may not get counted this election. Information on the subject is readily available on the Internet.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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