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October 31st, 2006

Kerry’s Iraq Joke Called Bush Stupid, Not Our Soldiers

Anyone looking at results of Bush’s disastrous Iraq policy would have to see a lack of intelligent design on the part of George W. Bush and company. If Bush is not personally stupid, his policies in Iraq certainly are stupid! The Republicans are very frightened that American voters will demand more intelligent policies on everything from Iraq to trade policy to fair taxation to healthcare.

It is little wonder that the Bush Republican Spin Machine has gone into overdrive trying to turn Kerry’s joking assault on intellectually challenged Bush into an attack on American soldiers serving in Iraq. The Republicans are short on ideas and have a long, long record of failure. They are making jokes out of themselves by trying to spin Kerry’s remarks. They already look like bad jokes when you examine their litany of failed policies, unsound ideas, incompetent actions and dishonest rhetoric.

The American voters are actually far from the fools that the Bush White House and Congressional Republicans think they are. Unless you get your news from Right Wing talk radio or Fox News, you will see this desperate spin job as more of the same shallow “smear and fear” Republican sloganeering that Republicans used to drag our nation into the Iraqi mess in the first place.

The Republican political leadership talks about supporting our soldiers but does not walk the walk. They have not supported most of the major legislation providing financial benefits or protection for our men and women in uniform. They backed corporate interests over American interests in almost every aspect of Iraq policy. The results have greatly undermined our national interests and our soldiers.

The Republican BS attack on Kerry is unpatriotic. Kerry is a war hero. Kerry’s military record looks great compared to the rather cowardly records of Bush, Cheney, Limbaugh, etc. With only a couple of notable exceptions like McCain, Republican political leaders are less likely to have served in combat than their Democratic counterparts.

Cowardly Republican leaders have smeared American war heroes for blatantly partisan reasons. They attacked Congressman Murtha, who has a distinguished record in the US Marine Corps, for criticizing Bush’s failing Iraq War policies. They smeared a Democratic US Senator from Georgia, who lost limbs serving in combat during Vietnam, and unjustly drove him from office in order to take us into the disastrous war in Iraq.

Republican voters should be ashamed of their Party this election. The current crop of Republican candidates has been running the nastiest, dirtiest bunch of campaign commercials in modern American political history. They are often blatantly dishonest and patently false. They have taken “smear and fear” to an obscene extreme and largely are not working. The attacks on Kerry are very similar in tone and approach as these extreme negative ads. It all looks like more Karl Rove politics and America deserves better.

Dirty political commercials and nasty rhetoric are poor substitutes for good policies, sound logic and competence. I guess we cannot expect good ideas or competency from the Bush White House or the Republican Party in 2006. We have not seen many examples in the past six years. It is unlikely to suddenly appear in the last few days before Election Day.

Our soldiers serving in Iraq are heroes. The cowards in DC who sent them to war unprepared and with no strategy to win the piece are certainly not heroes.

Bush and the Republicans owe American soldiers an apology for getting them killed and wounded in Iraq. Bush and Republicans owe the American people an apology for the stupid way they are running the American government.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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