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September 25th, 2006

Iraq War Worsens Terrorism - Republican Senate Control

Things are not looking good for Senator Allen in Virginia, Lt. Governor Steele in Maryland, Mayor Corker in Tennessee and a dozen other Republican Senatorial candidates around the nation because of Bush’s failed Iraq War and terrorism policies. A highly classified report issued by all 16 US intelligence agencies has concluded that the Iraq War has increased the threat of international terrorism facing the American nation.

Although the Bush White House has always hyped the Iraq War as vital to the international fight against extreme Islamic terrorism, critics have long disagreed. The Republicans in Congress and the Senate have largely repeated the false claims and talking points being pushed by the Bush White House. They are likely to pay a huge political price at the polls this November.

The Iraq War is simply a failure of political leadership and political vision. Like Vietnam, the failure is not really a military one. Our military is almost always victorious in military terms. The real failure is that the Bush Republicans are inclined to use military force to solve problems where military force are not the most appropriate means. Military force was never going to be the best or sole solution to fighting the forces of Bin Laden!

Republican candidates should be held responsible for their support of Bush’s failed policies they have long supported. Kean is likely to lose steam in New Jersey as a result of this intelligence report. Senate races in New Jersey, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Montana and Nevada are going to see Democratic candidates gaining support as a direct result of this National Intelligence Estimate concluding the Iraq War is undermining the so-called “War on Terror.”

Voters are angry with Bush Republicans over being lied to by Republican politicians over the reasons we invaded Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction were never found. These WMD’s seem to have not existed at the time of the invasion. The Iraq military was not a serious threat to other Middle East nations after the first Iraq War much less the United States. The only widely accepted reason believed by significant segments of the American public is that somehow Iraq was a vital front in the “War on Terror.”

It was another lie that invading Iraq would help the United States in the battle with the terrorist band under the control of Bin Laden. We need clear thinking, non-ideological approaches to serious issues including terrorism, security, foreign policy, trade, etc. The Bush Republicans are not giving us this kind of leadership.

Voters are not stupid. Democratic candidates need to publicize this NIE report and go on the offensive against the failed Republican policies supported by Republican candidates.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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