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October 14th, 2006

Democrats: The Liberal, Moderate and Conservative Party

The notion that real conservatives are better represented by the Democratic Party than the corrupt, radical Right cabal that passes for the Republican Party in the era of George W. Bush has finally being taken seriously. In recent weeks, Democratic leaders from Al Franken to former President Bill Clinton have been making public statements driving home the idea. Democratic Talk Radio was among the first to publicize this political reality.

Democratic Talk Radio has been making the point that traditional conservatives are welcome in the Democratic Big Tent coalition since it was founded six years ago. In our Democratic Voices column and our radio shows, we have pointed to the ideological conflict between traditional conservative values like balanced budgets, following the rule of law, limited government power to curb civil liberties, etc. and the actions of the Bush Republicans currently in power. We stated often that “you do not have to be a Corporate Clown to be a conservative.”

We have additionally noted that core Christian values such as helping the poor, not judging the morality of others and the individual (vs. societal via laws) nature of salvation do not conform to the values or actions of the Bush Republicans. Serving large international corporations and the wealthiest of the Super Wealthy seems to be the only real ideology of the national Republican leadership if they are judged by actions instead of just words. Words lie but actions do not! You do not have to be a Corporate Clown to be a Christian!

Liberals, moderates and traditional conservatives in America are all threatened by the power of Corporatism which is known politically by the name of Bush Republicanism. American Democracy is threatened by the outlandish, excessive concentration of power and wealth promoted by this elitist ideology. As pundits and authors ranging from Lou Dobbs to Thom Hartmann to David Sirota to Greg Palast have documented, this Corporatist system is undermining the economic health of our nation. It is undermining our national security. It is corrupting the morals of politicians, media figures and corporate executives. It is killing the American Dream!

Corporatism is not a pro-Business ideology. It is starkly against the interests of medium-sized corporations and small businesses as Lou Dobbs often highlights in his cable news and opinion show. The tightening of bankruptcy laws by almost all the Bush Republicans (with some help from a few misguided Democrats) in Congress and the Bush White House abused both consumers and smaller businesses and rewarded the largest corporations. This fact is well-documented by David Sirota in his book, Hostile Takeover. The book reveals many shocking details about the impact of Corporate dominance on the policies of our government and our everyday lives. It is a must read for every American citizen. I recommend reading it before you vote this November.

The Democratic Party is the only realistic hope of reversing the dominance of the large international corporate elite over all aspects of American life. It is the only hope for American Democracy. The Democratic Party has been corrupted to a small degree by Corporatism but it can be saved. Corporatism is still a minority viewpoint among Democratic leaders. You can keep it marginalized and hopefully make it extinct in Democratic circles.

Liberals, moderates and conservatives along with non-ideological citizens should all rally to the Democratic Party and get involved. You can become a leader in your local Democratic Party! You can help make the American economy a more just place for consumers, workers and small businesses. You can strengthen our national security. You can preserve our personal freedoms. You can help save American Democracy! The Republican Party is simply a lost cause.

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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