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August 6th, 2006

Organized Labor (and You) Can Defeat Republican Corporatism

Progressive Internet activists, local Democratic Party stalwarts and reformists of all stripes need to unite under the leadership of organized labor to take back our government and economy from the Republican-Corporate alliance. The coalition should include efforts to win elections, change trade policies and unionize workplaces all over America.

The labor union movement has the resources to change the direction of American politics if firmly and actively supported by allies outside organized labor. No other institution in America understands the serious threat that Bush Republicanism poses to a Middle Class American lifestyle and American Democracy as well as American labor unions.

Corporations have totally captured the modern Republican Party and corrupted it thoroughly. The so-called Christian Right has fallen victim to the same corrupting influence of Corporate money. The infection is spreading in Republican circles, as demonstrated by Ralph Reed, Conrad Burns, Jack Abramoff, Katherine Harris and many others. Conservatism has been completely destroyed as a coherent ideology and replaced by a “Greed Is Good” creed.

Corporations have been buying up media, blocking campaign financing reform, using outsourcing to undermine the American Middle Class, blocking minimum wage increases, denying the American public access to universal health care, curtailing consumer ability to hold corporations responsible for abuses in courts of law and crippling workers rights to unionize. The Bush Republicans are actively promoting this anti-American and un-Christian set of political activities completely.

They are additionally making it more difficult for American youths to gain a college education. Workplace safety rules and regulations have been weakened. This has directly resulted in the deaths of American workers in our mines, factories highways, etc. We have been price-gouged for gasoline, home heating oil, prescription drugs, electricity, insurances, loans and more.

Americans simply cannot afford to leave Corporations to completely set all the rules controlling our economy and government. The personal impact on ourselves and our families has been devastating!

We need to fight back. Our best hope of victory is to unite under labor union leadership. Bloggers, community activists, local political leaders, civil libertarians, environmentalists, writers and all other reformers bring vital skills and broader societal connections that make victory, under union leadership, more likely.

We can all contact unions to help start more union locals in our community. We can rally community support for the political agenda of local unions. We should support unions in their collective bargaining efforts and lobbying. Local Democratic groups should routinely work with local union leaders.

Nationally, we should vote based on issues instead of emotional nonsense and fear promoted by the Bush Republican machine. We should promote boycotts of Corporations who try to break unions, abuse consumers or send American jobs outside our national borders to exploit cheap labor (or weaker environmental laws.)

Americans must demand that modern Corporations take their role as good citizens seriously. Corporations must not abuse workers, consumers, small investors or taxpayers. Corporations who fail to act in the national interest should be controlled by legislation and government regulation.

Politicians who ally themselves with the Corporations are the enemy and should be defeated at the polls. Organized labor can be counted on to be in the forefront of the effort. Will you be an active ally?

Written By Stephen Crockett and Al Lawrence (hosts of ).
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